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Eutaw, Alabama

For us, the peaceful atmosphere of old Eutaw, with its quaint gentility, is the nearest thing to Heaven on earth!

Greene County Courthouse
    A Few of Eutaw's Special Events & Places of Interest:
Eutaw sponsors or participates in several very nice special events each year, and we want to share them with you in hopes that you'll come visit us during these events, stay in Eutaw's lovely and unique ante-bellum bed and breakfast inn, and absorb the genteel atmosphere and pace of life we enjoy here in this picturesque little ante-bellum planter town. Perhaps you will be so captivated, as we were, and are, and purchase one of our beautiful old ante-bellum or victorian homes and settle down with us. We'd love to have you, and you will come to love Eutaw!
For many years now, U.S. Highway 11 has hosted what has been called the longest antiques yard sale in the world, stretching through several States. Eutaw is an active participant in this well-established event, which is always scheduled on the third Thursday, Friday, and Saturday in the month of May. In Eutaw we concentrate our celebration of this event on the historic Courthouse Square, which incidentially faces, on its South side, all of the antique shops of Eutaw. Not only will there be antiques, but also flea market items, arts, crafts, food and entertainment. Of course, the antique shops will be open to welcome you to our peaceful way of life. We invite you to come in and shop with us, on Wilson Avenue, as well as with the vendors and antique shops on the Square. Ride the trail to Eutaw, Alabama! 
This great event, held only in Eutaw, is scheduled on the last weekend in August of each year, and features traditional blues music, as well as gospel groups and choirs, and other music forms. It is also an event where you will see traditional arts and crafts, especially of the African American heritage of our area, as well as story tellers, artists, and food. This event also always takes place on the Old Courthouse Square. Tom's old friend Willie King, from Old Memphis, Alabama, is usually there, singing and playing the blues. Come hear the blues!
This is strictly an ALABAMA event,stretching from Pickensville, on the Mississippi State Line, to Valley, Alabama, on the Georgia Line, and is relatively new, but we have high hopes that it will continue to grow and flourish year by year. Eutaw, of course, is an active and
enthusiastic participant. Again, there will be antiques on the Old Courthouse Square, as well as in  the antique shops facing the South side of the Square. There will also be artists and artisans and, of course, food. This event takes place every year on the second Friday and Saturday in September. Y'all come!   

Our annual pilgrimage of ante-bellum and victorian homes, and sometimes of one of our historic old Churches, features three structures in and around Eutaw each year, and is held each year on the second weekend in October. We will also have Open House in all of our local antique shops on this special, historic occasion. Take a step into the past!
A unique and charming ante-bellum home, and recently completely restored.
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The Kirkwood Mansion is one of the premier ante- bellum mansions in the State of Alabama. Built in 1860 by Foster Mark Kirksey, the mansion, due to the naval blockade during the War Between the States, never received its ornate wrought iron balcony railing. In the 120 years that followed, it remained without this railing, and, to add insult to injury, its majestic cupola was disassembled at some point and the pieces stored in the attic. Having suffered from benign neglect for many decades, the breathtaking mansion was brought to renewed glory by the painstaking labors of Mr. Ray Swayze, who spent years, mostly by his own hands, lovingly restoring every aspect of the mansion, inside and out, including restoring the crowning beauty of the cupola atop the roof and installing, at last, the ornate cast iron railing to the second floor balcony. In 1982, in recognition of this great undertaking, Mr. Swayze and his wife, Mary, were awarded the National Trust for Historic Preservation Honor Award.
Surrounded on two sides by eight beautifully proportioned and fluted Ionic columns, and appropriately situated on eight wooded acres just off of Mesopotamia Avenue in Eutaw, Alabama, the mansion, regardless of the season, strikes a breathtaking pose for passers-by. Inside, soaring ceilings, Carrara marble mantles, Waterford crystal chandeliers, and a lovely staircase are complimented by period furnishings of the finest quality, some of them original to the house.
Now owned by Mr. Al Blanton, Kirkwood, the Queen of all of our many beautiful ante-bellum and victorian homes, is open year round for tours, and is definitely one of the premier sights to see while you're in Eutaw. 
Y'all just come see us any ol' time. We'll be mighty proud to see you.
Eutaw, filled with beautiful Ante-Bellum and Victorian homes, casts a lingering spell over most who pass this way. The historic town has an indescribable charm which is beyond words, calling folks back again and again. ~ A wonderful Ante-Bellum bed and breakfast awaits you, as well as two great antique shops located on the Old Courthouse Square, in addition to Down Yonder, both conveniently located next to one another, making your antique shopping experience both pleasant and convenient!
Fosters Country Store

It's not in Eutaw, but just up the road a piece is something rarer than hen's teeth these days - a genuine, original Country Store. When I was young they were already disappearing but still plentiful. Now they're almost extinct. This one is the 'Real McCoy', having been built in 1860, some say as a school house, but in operation as a store longer, I imagine, than anyone can remember. It's a beautiful example of the genre, too, though marred a little by the gas pumps and canopy out front. If you're headed down Eutaw way from Tuscaloosa on I 20/59, or going up toward Tuscaloosa from Eutaw way, take a few minutes to pull off at the Fosters Exit and drive down about a  quarter mile to Fosters Country Corner. Fill up with gas. Buy the kids a snack and a drink and let 'em experience something few ever experience these days - a real genuine, historic Country Store. Oh, there's a brand new Chevron across the street, but if you've seen one of 'em you've seen 'em all, from here to Maine to California. Not so with Fosters Country Corner. It's a one-of-a-kind original! Give 'em a visit and tell 'em Tom 'n Angie, from Down Yonder in Eutaw, sent you by. 

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